Mullum Music Festival Media Team


Please note that the media accreditation is available for current BayFM members only.  Answer all the questions so we can make sure we have all the information we need to create the team. Once we decide on the team we will let contact everyone with an on-site list. Off-site team will be contacted separately.

Please make sure you DO NOT contact any one at Mullum Music Festival, or any bands, management teams, public relations etc. We have one contact person we will appoint.

That is the only BayFM contact person for Mullum Music Festival.

Mullum Music Festival is on Thursday, 17 November - Sunday 20 November. Ideally, you need to be available all day every day from November 16 -19 inclusive. You will need to be available prior to that time for meetings and preparation.

Every person involved must be accountable for delivering content to BayFM by the dates/times required. You must be able to make your own way to the event and home and be available at the time nominated by the Team Leader.

This form is the only application pathway, and will close on Sunday October 1st at 5:00 p.m.

This is the name that will appear on a media pass, so you will need ID to match it.
This is the postal address for all correspondence if needed.
This is the email we will contact you on for all Splendour related information.
If there are over 18 sections at the event, sometimes we need this for ticketing ID. You may need to provide evidence of birthdate ID to collect pass if this is the case.
To be part of the team you need to have a mobile phone for all contact and uploads. And a spare battery if possible, as charging takes time.
Who is your mobile contract with and how much data do you have available on your plan.
Just so we get an idea, there are a range of roles to play, on-site and off-site. Check the boxes, then there is room below to say more. There are off-site roles, and on-site roles. Preference will be given to consistent volunteers at BayFM, those who have completed additional training.
It's OK if this is your first application.
Tell us about your skills, your background and experience
and what you will bring to the team.
You need to have completed the CMTO online courses in both these areas.
BayFM Media Teams work as a team on and off site.
What experience do you have successfully working in a team?
Anything else you need to add, just put it here.
Thanks for your interest.
You will receive a confirming email.