Expression of Interest



BayFM, as a community radio station and a member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA), operates on community support and community commitment.

BayFM’s long-term success is as much due to the incredible volunteers who help the station tick over as to the diversity of our on-air sound and the enthusiasm of our presenters.

BayFM Community Radio welcomes your program submission. We endeavour to enable our community to broadcast as this is our role in the media landscape, though occasionally we are unable to find a place within the grid for each submission. We’ll do all we can to facilitate you becoming a broadcaster.

All presenters, co-presenters and backup presenters are expected to be familiar with the broadcasting technology used at BayFM, and to be familiar with various codes of conduct & the Codes of Practice within the station and within our broadcasting license. The Presenters Handbook, which you will receive if successful, details these requirements.

Fill in the form for yourself and any co-presenter. This form is available between the official application periods, so we can consider your application and discuss it with you ahead of the programming period. There is no need to complete the entire form. It is used to help us work with you toward creating a show on BayFM.

This is essential. Provide a maximum 100 word description of your show to be used on the BAYFM website. This will also be used by our promotional, sales and sponsorship teams.
What length of time do you propose for your show? Breakfast only is 3 hrs.
What style of program are you proposing?
Please provide your first and last legal names, that is, names used on official ID.
Mailing Address please.
Email is our main form of communication with presenters.
It is important that you provide an email address that you check regularly.
Please include this number even if it is private.
It will only be shared with the Program Team and relevant staff.
It is important that we can contact you quickly when we need to.
BayFM uses emails and text messages to communicate with presenters.
Please supply this for our records in case of emergency contact.
This number may be used on GRID DAY.
Tell us about your skills and experience relevant to the broadcasting and presentation of this particular show.
Co-Presenters have equal responsibility for the content, production and studio desk, and are expected to be competent in all these areas of expertise.
If you have two Co-Presenters, use the Backup Presenter section for the third Co-Presenter's contact details. If you have more than two Co-Presenters, please send an email with the details of all presenters details and experience, and the show name, prior to the closing date.
Tell us about the Co-Presenter(s) skills and experience relevant to the broadcasting and presentation of this particular show.
Are you intending to include any regular segments in your show?
Give brief details of any segments included in your show e.g. content, length, producer, copyright status.
Do you think you will be conducting interviews, either live or pre-recorded on your show?
Please nominate 3 possible times for your show, after looking at the current program grid ( for station preferred start times. In certain cases, we allocate particular styles of program to particular times, to work with the flow of the station.
Let us know how you intend to produce and deliver music for your show e.g. using vinyl, CD, USB, mp3 player, iPad, computer, software etc. Also, let us know what your backup plan is if your main production technique fails for some reason. Make sure you do not breach any legal requirements e.g. using streaming audio direct to air. The highest quality broadcast material is recommended i.e. wav files bitrate 320kbps (no lower than 192 kbps). Contact your mentor if you have any queries.
If you use digital files, what format(s) do you use? The minimum bit rate for broadcast is 192 kb/s.
It is a requirement as a Presenter that you volunteer for the equivalent time that your show is on air (i.e. one hour show, 26 volunteer hours over the season). Please complete this section and you will be contacted by a member of the Program Team or another volunteer or contractor to assist you in your volunteer requirement.
Please indicate if you are familiar (not an expert) with the following software programs or applications.
Please indicate areas in which you may be interested in receiving further training or support.
Is there a software, plugin or app recommendation that you can suggest? Is there something you find essential to your broadcasting that you want people to know about? Tell us so we can tell others.
BAYFM presenters are encouraged to produce segments or entire shows for rebroadcast and/or podcast. Do you think your show, or part of it, could be recorded and produced as a podcast?