The Management Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee is concerned with the governance of BayFM Community Radio Incorporated. Your current Management Committee is:
  • President: Oliver McElligott
  • Vice-President : Rachael Torise
  • Secretary : vacant
  • Treasurer : vacant
  • Human Resources Manager : Nick Jeanes
  • Grants Officer : Deb Sharp
  • Broadcast Manager : Michael Schubert
  • Facilities Manager : Jimmie James
  • Sales Manager : Michael Schubert
  • Youth Manager : Isabeau Schubert
  If you wish to support the work of the Management Committee or have any queries, please make contact by email. __________________________________________________________________________________ The Program Team is a sub-committee of the Management Committee. It is responsible for a range of issues to do with being a presenter. Some of the responsibilities include:
  • Mentoring & Support
  • Interview Coordination
  • AMRAP/APRA Support
  • Training Coordination
  • Grid Planning
  • Presenter Meetings
  • Presenter Newsletter
The Program Team consists of one member of the Management Committee (Broadcast Manager) and up to seven other members, who are usually experienced broadcasters. Any member of BayFM can nominate themselves to be a part of the Program Team, which is subject to Management Committee approval. Your current Program Team is:
  • Denise Prentice (Administration)
  • Lou Whittaker
  • Ashleee Thompson (also is Interview Coordinator)
  • Don Prentice (AMRAP/APRA Coordinator)
  • Michael Schubert (Management Committee representative)
  • Vacancies exist on Program Team for experienced broadcasters.
If you wish to support the work of the Program Team or have any queries, please make contact by email.