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12/07/2016Earlybirds catch the bookworm

Indigenous Special Project – Interviews with the Elders


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Byron High Students make their first Podcast!


What’s Next…emerged from a call out from the community radio station to the local high school for students who wanted to explore radio as a potential career path. Out of over 250 invitations, twelve young kids, from the age of 14-16, stepped forward. Our initial sessions included a tour of the station, overview of radio and some basic storycraft on what makes a compelling narrative. From small beginnings, big things emerge…the youth were inspired to take their first step towards audio journalism.

This was a project of many firsts. For the students, it was the first time they put together audio, the first time they had heard their voice – both metaphorically and literally speaking, and the first time they saw the results of their hard work and determination turn into an interactive experience that could be shared with many. It was also the first time they actually took a serious look at their future…a future involving media and creative storytelling.

For the small BayFM team involved, it was the first time they’d worked with a group of teenagers who weren’t addicted to their mobile phones, and who inspired us, as much as we hope, we inspired them.

Special thanks for everyone’s generous involvement, and to all the students, teachers and Bronnie Ware, author of 5 Regrets of the Dying

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